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International Disaster Emergency Service: providing national and international assistance and support.


Roland Allen: Missionary Methods- St. Paul’s or Ours?

                     : Spontaneous Expansion of The Church

E. Stanley Jones: The Christ of the Indian Road

Archibald McLean: Where The Book Speaks

Rebecca Hopkin: Black Missionaries Are Being Written Back into the Story

Leslie Newbigin: Missionary, Theologian, Ecclesiologist - Hundreds of Newbigin’s published and unpublished texts and writings are available, free and searchable though the generosity of the Newbigin Estate.

Voice of the Martyrs founder is Richard Wurmbrand.  His is the remarkable true story of a Lutheran minister who spent years in brutal confinement with the Nazis and the Communists.  He writes in the Preface to With God in Solitary Confinement -years alone in a cell thirty feet below ground, never seeing sun, moon, or stars, flowers or snow, never seeing another man except for the guards and interrogators who beat and tortured me.  I seldom heard a noise in that prison. The guards had felt-soled shoes and I did not hear their approach.:

Richard Wurmbrand: Tortured For Christ

                                   : With God in Solitary Confinement

                                   : God in  The Communist Prisons

                                   : Preparing for the Underground Church

                                   : Torture to Triumph

https://www.vomradio.net/ :  Daily Christians are being massacred for their faith. Voice Of the Martyrs reaches them where they are.

The International Orality Network seeks to assist the 40 billion people on earth that don’t read, relying instead on oral communication.  How can you help?

Community Out Reach

Central Coast Narcotics Anonymous

Serve Santa Maria