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  Here are a few of the numerous books available to you in the Orcutt Christian Church website Library:


THE MESSIANIC MESSAGE OF THE OLD TESTAMENT by Clinton Lockhart. (430 pages) This is a comprehensive study of every reference to Christ in the Old Testament. This book was especially prepared for use in the classroom. No one could believe his study of the Old Testament is complete without a knowledge of what the Hebrew prophets have said of our Lord. The messages of the Hebrew prophets are more precious than jewels and deserve a very careful consideration. You will find all prophetic descriptions of our Lord quoted, translated and arranged in such a form as to bear as nearly as possible their original freshness and vigor. This is a wonderful text for your Bible class.

LETTER  TO A YOUNG CHRISTIAN by Isaac Errett. (336 pages) Here is a book you can give to your religious or irreligious friend or neighbor or relative. It is written in the form of letters to just such persons —a series of letters to explain in the most lucid of terms how to become a Christian. Here are answers to to questions that always arise in the mind of the one who hears about our Lord. A series of letters follow the first book in which the author helps the new Christian to develop into the fruitful branch in the great vine. Whereas these letters were first written in 1867 it could have been 2020 —you will not find more beautiful expression.

NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTIANITY by Lancelot Oliver. (212 pages) First published in England. The author was one time editor of the Bible Advocate. Lancelot Oliver said: "It was my lot in the 1870's to become deeply impressed with the importance of studying the Bible as science studies nature, inductively. So long as the student of nature merely formed theories, and went to nature to prove them, there was no real advance in the discovery of truth, nor agreement as to what truth is... In like manner I have done my best conscientiously to study the Bible, gathering all the Bible statements on the subject to be studied, and drawing general truths from these statements. If this method were generally followed, sectarianism, which originates and is maintained, in part at least, by a wrong method of study, would disappear."


REMINISCENCES OF JAMES A. GARFIELD by C. E. Fuller. (456 pages) The story of a preacher of the Lord's Church who became the President of the United States. This biography is written by a very close friend of President Garfield. Fuller says: "It has been the aim of the writer to be entirely accurate in all dates and incidents, and to present his illustrious friend as the true-hearted, genial, companionable, Christian gentleman, who always won the hearts of all who were privileged to come within the sphere of his personal influence." We believe you owe it to yourself and to your privilege of being a Christian and an American citizen to read this important book.

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF SAMUEL ROGERS   Edited by his son, John I. Rogers. (228 pages)  Barton Stone prevailed on Samuel Rogers to make a record of his life (which began in 1789).   Samuel Rogers says "Deeply sensible of my incompetency for so great a work, nothing but the deference of friends and their opinions permitted me to attempt it."  You will be glad he did for he gives a first-hand account of his association with B. W. Stone.

WHERE THE LONG TRAIL BEGINS: S.S.Lappin. (274 pages).  It is a strange and interesting study, this conglomerate population of ours. Men of every race, nation and faith have fled, wandered and drifted to this great and inviting land, till we may boast of an aggregation the like of which can not be seen elsewhere on earth. And the charm of the New World has possessed them like a spell. Discontented, it may be, in the first location, and the second, and even the third, their faces are still toward the setting sun; they almost never turn back. A generation may live and die in the Old Dominion; the second comes on to Ohio, the third to Illinois, and so, with Westward Ho! For watchword, the flood of folks moves on, each wave reaching farther than the one before.  

   These books are positively fascinating in style. You will be a much richer person for sharing the lives of these men who set an example for all of us.


HOW TO BE SAVED by M. M. Davis. (206 pages) Every Christian should be a soul winner. Here is a series of lessons to really help in that grand pur­pose. Every church should have a new convert's class and a class for those who are considering salvation and membership in our Lord's Church. We are really sold on the practical value of this book for both classes.  He tabulates, arranges and compares Bible statements in a way to interest, instruct and inspire. This is one grand book to teach the fundamentals of the faith.

THE GREAT COMMISSION OF JESUS CHRIST by Robert Milligan. (258 pages) The last commission of Jesus Christ to His twelve apostles is the fundamental law of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It does indeed seem strange, so little has been written to define and fulfill this law of the Kingdom. More than 100 years ago, one of the most able preachers and writers under­ took to remedy this deficiency. No one can read this penetrating analysis of each phrase in the great commission, without a desire to obey the One who gave it. We believe every book written by Robert Milligan is a gem of literary style and scriptural truth. This is no exception.

You Can Do Personal Work by Otis Gatewood. (207 pages)  Following World War II he went to West Germany and preached there for ten years.  In 1946 Otis Gatewood and Paul Sherrod made a survey trip through Germany to determine the best place to start mission work. This was only one year after the end of the war and the nation was still devastated. The two men met with General Lucius Clay in Berlin. General Clay was the Deputy Military Governor of the occupation forces in Germany. As a result of their survey, they decided the best place to start the work was in Frankfurt and they received permission for Otis and Roy Palmer to enter Germany in 1947. They were the first two religious workers allowed into post-war Germany. During the first few years of their work in Frankfurt, over 600,000 individuals, including the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, were helped with food and clothing.  In 2013 the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reported a 1992 meeting between Gatewood and Mikhail Gorbachev. In the context of the meeting Gatewood had accompanied food shipments to Russian orphans and elderly people from churches of Christ in Texas. During the meeting Gorbachev claimed that he was "indeed a Christian and had been baptized by his grandfather in the Volga River many years before."  This book was for many years one of the best known books on personal evangelism.


Half Hour Studies at the Cross by J.H. Garrison. (276 pages)   Here are forty communion meditations to give real depth to your comment in preparation for the Lord's Supper. There is more here than the usual. These could be lessons or sermons. If the Lord's table is central in our worship ser­ vice then some type of preparation is essential to the proper observance. Is the attitude or manner in which we eat the bread or drink the cup important? Here are forty ways you can use in preparing your heart and the hearts of others.

Communings in The Sanctuary by Robert Richardson. (186 pages) We need all the help we can get for the practice of prayer. Sanctuary was written to prepare the heart with a proper attitude before we attend the public assembly. Here are twenty-four devotional essays to read again and again to create the right environment for a blessing in public worship. Can you think of a more prac­tical preparation for each of us?


THE DEITY OF JESUS by Jesse R. Kellems. (268 pages) This is one of the most popular sermon books available. Thousands have heard these messages of rare depth and completeness. Here are lessons for both the head and the heart. These sermons were preached by the author in the conversion of thousands to our Lord. Here are the titles of the first five: (1) The Deity of Jesus, (2) Immortality, (3) The Prayer that Works, (4) The Cleansing Blood, (5) The Church Described in the Book, and there are seven more.

THE FAMILY COMPANION A book of sermons both doctrinal and practical by Elijah Goodwin. (406 pages) Here arc sermons of more than 100 years ago as fresh as if they were preached last Lord's day. Elijah Goodwin was one of the most outstanding preachers of the early days of the movement to restore the church of the New Testament. The concise reasoning and expression makes this a most valuable volume. Here are sixteen sermons that call for you to preach them again. Such vital subjects as: (1) Conversion, (2) Justification, (3) Sanctification, (4) The work of the Holy Spirit, (5) Election.  We have problems today because we have not understood these subjects.

KINSHIP TO CHRIST- and Other Sermons by J. Z. Tyler. (332 pages) Thirty-nine sermons —nine months of preaching for Lord's' Day morning. Here are sermons so clearly outlined, so full of scriptural thought you will want to immediately use them. We make no apology for our desire that preachers preach these sermons. They need to be heard by every generation. These messages were first heard from 1876 to 1883. Here are some of the important subjects: (1) Your own salvation, (2) Ordinances of the Lord, (3) Drifring from God, (4) Christ the teacher, (5) Safety in Shipwreck —and 34 more.

There are numerous books available to you in the Orcutt Christian Church website Library.   They are meant to assist you with ongoing theological inquiry and research. While the links offer valuable tools and information, expressed opinions belong to the authors.  Use with discernment, sensitivity and care.

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